DasBlog Installation

Published on Friday, June 23, 2006

After a while searching for blogging hosts or blogging software for .NET, I finally settled on Scott Hanselman’s DasBlog. The installation of DasBlog proved to be extremely easy; involving the simple extraction of a Web project into a folder (virtual or otherwise) under which one intends to host. Furthermore, storage is all file-based so that no database interaction is required whatsoever. All of the expected amenities such as rich HTML editing (see below), a variety of skins, and a plethora of configuration options are offered through Das Blog as well.

DasBlog Editor

Kudos to Scott and the rest of the community for creating and supporting such an excellent product. DasBlog has received pretty much rave reviews on the Web and is fairly widely used based upon my research. The only criticism I heard about the product was from the German-speaking community, where a vigorous debate is underway as to the gender of the word ‘Blog’. Blog appears to be neuter now but there are a fair number of advocates for the masculine blog (i.e. “DerBlog”) as well. Another great case for the externalization of string literals to external configuration files…