About Me

This is a no technology zone. I have enough of that in my blog. It also won’t be a boring diatribe about my life or what I do. Instead, a couple of fun facts and pictures:

  • Spent nearly 8 years of his life in Germany. Went to university there, worked there, drove very, very fast there. The image is of his German drivers license - scary, eh?

    German Drivers License

    [Full Size Image]

  • Often mistaken as a non-identical, generation separated, twin with his daughter Anna – based upon childhood photos. The pictures don’t tell the full story though since he and Anna have remarkably similar traits and mannerisms. Hopefully Anna doesn’t end up looking like that picture in his driver’s license.

    Thomas Anna Picture

    [Full Size Image]

  • Served proudly for 4 years as a member of the U.S. Military Intelligence community. Spent lots of time in a building with no windows and an AN/FLR-9 antenna outside. Draw your own conclusions about what he did based upon the similarities of the known installations of AN/FLR-9’s and the likely ground stations in the ECHELON network.

    Intel Corps

    [Full Size Image]

That’s me for now. I’m working on collecting some other photographic gems from my past and will share them as soon as I can.