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Dotnet Lightweight Databases

Mermaid Diagrams in Statiq

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Technology Links - January 11, 2015

Top 5 Technologies in 2015


Web Hosting Provider Cutover


Offsite Backup Options


Team Foundation Server Project Archiving and History

Making It Big In Software - The Book Review

Top 5 .NET Developer Tools You Likely Never Heard Of

Fiddler Demo - Camtasia for Mac

WCF Performance Counter Sizing - Do the Math

About Me

Redgate Reflector Pro

Lightweight, Aspect-Oriented Instrumentation with PostSharp, NLog, and SQLite

Watch Out! .NET Web Services and the XML Serializer

Book Review: Ultra-Fast ASP.NET

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Microsoft Service and Integration Technologies - WCF 4.0, AppFabric, BizTalk 2010

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WCF Concurrency and Instancing

Logging to SQLite with NLog

Xobni - The Outlook Plug-In with the Wow Factor

Microsoft's Guide to Claims Based Identity and Access Control


Facebook Me!

SEO with the IIS Search Engine Optimization Toolkit

Generating Production Volume Data with SQL Data Generator

WordPress on IIS7

The Twitter Book

Release-It! Design and Deploy Production-Ready Software

Wordpress for Business Bloggers


Already Dead

The Virtue of Static IIS Machine Keys


VMware Fusion


Life in HD

Simple_Captcha on Windows

Netbeans 6.0 as a Rails IDE

The SOA Chasm

Microsoft Publication: SOA in the Real World

Functional Testing Attachment_Fu

Attachment_Fu on Windows

iTunes Exclusive - Five for Fighting

Podcast Creation from Rails

Rails on Windows - Part 1 (Capistrano on Windows)

Web 2.0 Bus

IT Trends in State Government

REST Web Services - Seminal Tome for the Web Services Generation

Spring Batch - Java Batch Processing

Live Search Maps for Firefox

Creating GeoRSS Feeds in C#

Ruby on Rails in State Government

RadRails Now Under Aptana

Case Management Systems - 3 Compelling Alternative Visual Metaphors

Software Process Customization and The Development Case

Hosting Flash Video

SOA Governance

Building Applications in the Cloud

Mis-queue - How the Dow lost 200 Points in the Blink of an Eye

Adding Flickr's Flash Photo Viewer to Your Blog

Learn from the Worm - Pennsylvania Trout Fishing 2007

The Innovation Engine at Yahoo - Pipes, OmniFind and TagMaps

Founders at Work

Windows Power Tools

Software Engineering, Ethics and the FBI Virtual Case File System

Value == Services + Device

Energy Policy Act of 2005

Deloitte "States of Transition" Podcast

Drinking from the Microsoft Fire Hose


State Government Pattlet - Case

Reusable Asset Specification (RAS) and the Reuse Process

Confusion over Configuration

Pennsylvania Civil War Trails on Google Earth


Web 2.0'ish Tools

IIS and Apache Side-by-Side

Attenuation and Other Great Ideas

SOA Directions in State Government

E-Government Practices

Netbeans Visual Web Pack Technology Preview Released

Project Oversight in the State Government

SOA Practices

Getting Real - Revisited

Great Audio

Hierarchy of State Government Reuse

The Federal Funding Accountability and Transparency Act of 2006

This Digital Life

Fowler and Schneier - Seperated at Birth?

Business Logic Reuse - What Color is Your Box?

Programming Atlas

State Government Pattlet - Case Transfer

NASCIO 2006 Recognition Awards

Microsoft Versus Open Source - Does Anybody Really Care About This?

GeoCast - Pennsylvania State Capitol Centennial

Disappointing Destiny

Software Engineering Processes and the BSCoE SEP

Next Generation Coordination Mechnanisms - Harnessing the Power of Many

Java Versus .NET - The Race

Agile Methods and Special Operations Units

Applying Domain-Driven Design and Patterns: With Examples in C# and .NET

Geocast - Three Mile Island, Harrisburg, PA

Anna Sophia and Her Spoon on YouTube

Continuous Integration and .NET: An Update

Keystone Technology Plan Issued

User-Generated Content

GeoGlue Available

e-Government Mashups


Open Source Enterprise Applications - Lacking the Critical Mass

Getting Real - The Book

BSCoE4J Java Framework

Microsoft .NET Google Map Component

Bose SoundDock

Java Developers Journal Article - Active Authentication

GeoGlue Progress

BSCoE Awarded 2006 Computerworld Laureate

Video on the Web

Pragmatic Version Control Using Subversion

Nursemaid's Elbow

BSCoE to use Logidex

DasBlog Installation