Technology Links - January 11, 2015

Published on Sunday, January 11, 2015

Couple of exciting things to link to from last week:

  • Docker – O’Reilly released an awesome Introduction to Docker video. Total runtime is less than 2 hours. Definitely a recommended watch if you’re looking to get familiar with the Docker container. Free to those who have an O’Reilly Safari subscription.
  • Azure VM Images – Microsoft announces a host of Azure Virtual Machine Images for Visual Studio. A great way to get exposure to the other Visual Studio SKUs or run the newer versions of VS without having to deal with the headaches of an install.
  • App Development – Awesome article on how independent mobile app development works and can be quite lucrative.
  • Feature Toggles – Good course from Pluralsight on implementing feature toggles in .NET. Something architects should be aware but the process and patterns are not widely documented.