Keystone Technology Plan Issued

Published on Friday, July 28, 2006

Pennsylvania’s Office of Information Technology (OIT) issued the Keystone Technology Plan to serve as the information technology blueprint through the year 2009. The plan’s phased approach is quite interesting, with the following phases taking center stage:

  • Yesterday: Enterprise Planning and Governance
  • Today :Shared Infrastructure Services
  • Tomorrow: Business Centric Services

BSCoE plays a prominent role in OIT’s vision and is mentioned as a driver of infrastructure today and key player in the creation of business-centric services in the future.

OIT Keystone Technology Plan

Although I was notified of this release through offline communications channels, I also stumbled upon a Technorati link to a Pennsylvania-specific technology blog – PATechSpot. The folks running this blog seem to have a pretty good handle on technology happenings in the Commonwealth. It’s definitely a site worth adding to my blogroll.