Already Dead

Published on Sunday, March 16, 2008

I had to really lay into this movie in my review. I tend to write reviews for products that I’m impressed with and just keep quite on products that don’t really impress. This movie, however, was the exception. It got such good reviews on Amazon that I felt compelled to give it a look. The Internet Movie Database (IMDB) had some of the best information on this flick outside of Amazon. It didn’t make the mainstream movie reviews sites like since it never made it to the box office. 2 stars was probably a bit harsh, 2.5 would have been more appropriate. I felt the genuine need to remove this movie from the 5 star plateau though as this is genuinely deceitful. My Amazon review follows:

Already Dead

I really live or die by Amazon reviews. 99% of the time, they are spot on. I felt like I was burned a bit by the reviews on this one.

I should have been a bit suspicious when a movie that never even made it to the box office (mainstream, independent, or otherwise) was holding down a 5 star rating on Amazon. Some of the sites that I normally rely on for movie ratings didn’t even cover this movie since it didn’t get a lot of press and didn’t get any reviews by national or regional critics.

The majority of reviews that I read seemed held back on information so as not to give the “plot turns” away. Let me lay it out for you, there are no real plot turns so don’t hold your breath waiting for any. Once you get past the opening scenes and understand the premise of the film, it quickly degrades into a typical Hollywood action / adventure type flick. That said, this is no worse than a lot of the trash that Hollywood releases to fill the theaters during the peak summer movie months. In some cases (pick most any action film on installment 3 or greater), it’s actually better.

“Already Dead” is a 2-3 star movie that might be worth the low price you pay for the rental at Unboxed or your local retail outlet. Don’t go in expecting too much though. There’s a reason this didn’t get picked up for mainstream distribution.