About Me

I’ve been blogging for 4 years now and never have filled out the “About Me” section on my blog. I’ve had good intentions for a while but just never got around to it because my vision involved scanning in a bunch of older materials. I’ve finally carved out a bit of time to update the default blurb with suitable material, which you can find here. Unless you’ve known me for a long while, you’re sure to find out an interesting new thing or two. Give it a look!


Anna Sophia and Her Spoon on YouTube

With two little girls running around the house, I have plenty of material to fuel my zeal to experiment with online audio and video. I uploaded a cut of Anna using her own utensils for the first time.


Nursemaid's Elbow

We had quite a harrowing experience this weekend with what was previously to us an unknown ailment – nursemaid’s elbow. This partial dislocation of the elbow is caused by lifting the child (Anna, in this case) by her arms. Anna screamed like we’ve never heard her scream before and was inconsolable. This resulted in our first child-related ER visit, putting an early damper on what promised to be a very busy christening weekend (Mia’s, in this case).