Early Tech Publications

In porting my blog to Statiq, I was forced to revisit a whole lot of content, most of which is more than a decade old. As part of this review, I cleaned up old broken links, of which there were many. I would estimate that 60% of the web links I had from my original blog pages were to sites or content that no longer existed. This says a lot about how the web has evolved and how much content turns over as time progresses.


Beckshome on Statiq

After 7 years of being dormant, the blog hummed back to life over the past month. It started with a full .NET hosted blog, moved to Wordpress and then was exported from Wordpress to create static content in 2015, which is where things stood for the past 7 years. I decided to go with a static site generator to modernize the site, specifically with Statiq, which is a .NET-based static site generator.